Time Warner Cable

The power of you.

Our goal was to increase commercial selling opportunities for TWC’s products and services. We accomplished this by starting meaningful, one-on-one conversations via LinkedIn with corporate decision makers. In summary, we used our unique strategy and took TWC’s selling messages to a deeper and more meaningful place –one that resonated stronger and began to truly humanize the company persona.


  • Amplify and activate commercial selling opportunities for Time Warner Cable’s (TWC’s) products and services
  • Use LinkedIn to share TWC’s selling message
  • Create a strong perceived leadership status within the industry by connecting with customers through social media.  Specifically Linkedin.


​Actions Taken:
We started by ‘optimizing’ the Linkedin profiles of several TWC employees for networking. After all of their information was perfectly displayed, we created a network of potentially beneficial connections. We then sent those people introductory messages to establish a relationship with them. After the initial contact we continued reaching out to leads to make sure that they were still interested in TWC’s services. The last step was closing the various deals by setting up phone or personal meetings.

Time Warner Cable was able to streamline their sales process, gain new subscribers, and create a marketing database of individuals with buying power. In the first 3 months of the campaign we connected with thousands of qualified business leads. The result was a consistent stream of sales leads that aided sales reps to gain close to 50 new customers.

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