Ropeit Golf

Simply the most effective golf practice aid on the market: a golf ball on a bungee​.

Ropeit was a new brand that needed a lot of online exposure.  Using social bookmarking sites such as Pinterest, Twitter, Facebook, and some more unconventional sites such as LinkedIn, we were able to get the increase in traffic and sales far beyond what the client envisioned.  Through two months approximately 3,000 visits were recorded and 100 units were sold.

  • Encourage more traffic on the RopeIt website
  • Increase brand awareness by promoting The RopeIt on Instagram, Pinterest, Twitter, Facebook, Youtube, and golf blog sites
  • Establish a positive correlation between the number of sales and hours spent promoting the product

Actions Taken:
Content was generated and shared to the Rope It blog every day. The link to the content would then be shared to a variety of social bookmarking sites such as StumbleUpon, Reddit, Facebook, etc., as well as golf blogs. Before each post a creative title was crafted to strategically attract as many clicks as possible.  After the content was posted onto the other host sites, those URLs would also be shared on popular social media sites like Twitter.

There were 30,000 visits to the RopeIt website in June and July of 2012 and approximately 500 units were shipped out during that time. Of those 500 units about 25% were shipped abroad to RopeIt’s growing international market.

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